The Only Hope Is In The FDD

When Mark Dubowitz began the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), his primarily was to help manage organizations and their finances. However with time the FDD became the heart of consultation for both policy makers and national media such as the AP. Mark Dubowitz is known for his impeccable non-tyrant sanction solutions that have put the Iranian government on immobile ground about terror.

Thanks to Mark Dubowitz, the FDD is now themed on national security to fight global terrorism, a major threat to nations. When the Treasury department was asked about Mark Dubowitz and the FDD, it confirmed to have relied and used information from the organization. With time, the organization has gained reputable members such as a former CIA specialist on Iran. Mark Dubowitz and his exceptional work on sanction laws has gained the attention of policy makers who try to redefine the US.

The US has been criticized on not handling Iranian tug in a way that would balance both nations, and the critics are not far from right. As it is with all the strategies imposed and none worked, the criticism is more than justified. However, so far and for a while, the FDD is and will be the only hope for the two antagonistic nations.